IVY FORMURA 30@`Concentration Treatment`


Wake up your skin with a short-term,concentrated treatment.

IVY FORMULA 30 Pre Treatment Lotion I
34 ml x 2 bottles (2-week supply)

IVY FORMULA 30 Pre Treatment Lotion II
34 ml x 2 bottles (2-week supply)

IVY FORMULA 30 Main Treatment Emulsion
36 ml x 1 bottle (4-week supply)

Todayfs modern women live their own active lives, full of exuberance. Yet, the environment that surrounds their skin is becoming increasingly harsh. For skin that is exposed to such a severe environment, the keratinization cycle can become unsettled, bringing sudden irregular tendencies. IVY FORMULA 30 was created as a futuristic skin care treatment that is concentrated into four short weeks. Start now to achieve beautiful skin for tomorrow as well as the future.


Awaken your beauty in 30 days with IVY FORMULA 30

A 4-week concentrated treatment that restores the keratinization cycle and awakens and boosts the skinfs gunderlying strength.h If you feel that your skin is in poor condition despite faithful care, it may be because its underlying strength has been lost to the point that everyday care is not enough. If this happens, you should use this 4-week concentrated treatment to restore the keratinization cycle and boost the skinfs strength. When you return to your normal care regimen, you will definitely be able to feel the change in your skin.

Works on skin in a concentrated four weeks (Cell Growth Program)

The Cell Growth Program combines two programs so that skin irregularities will not be prolonged. This program uses the concept of ginspiring your skinh to awaken skin in just four weeks.

Program 1

Functional ingredients act on the process between the birth of epidermal cells until their maturity. An ideal keratinization cycle is brought out in intervals of two weeks (four weeks total).

<Skinfs keratinization cycle>

New cells are generated within the skin one after the other. They are pushed up in turn until they reach the surface of the skin in four weeks. This is what is called the keratinization cycle. If this keratinization cycle is completed properly, skin will always be healthy, retaining a beautiful condition.

Program 2

Firmness and resilience is given to the skin with the effects of the functional ingredients

<Supporting firmness and resilience
@of the skin>

Firmness and resilience of the skin is supported by fibers such as collagen and elastin, which are stretched throughout the skin like a net. However, when the functionality of the fibroblasts that produce these fibers is weakened, the skinfs underlying strength is reduced, resulting in loss of firmness and resilience.

New formulization technologies boost blending into the skin

New formulization technologies boost blending into the skin
Multiple Emulsions

Immediately prior to skin application, water-soluble ingredients and oil-soluble ingredients are mixed. With new formulization technology applying the DDS concept, we succeeded in achieving gmultiple emulsionsh for better blending into the skin.

To effectively reflect the application of the DDS concept, collaborative research is being carried out with the pharmaceutical department of a university hospital on the forefront of DDS research.

1 DDS (Drug Delivery System)
In the field of medical products, this is a technology that acts by using the necessary amount in the necessary areas while suppressing side effects. By enveloping the medicinal agent in a thin film or membrane, it reaches the affected area without being absorbed or disintegrated along the way. This method boosts treatment as the medicine is released at the affected area.

2 Multiple Emulsions
This type of structure is used in IVY FORMULA 30 Main Treatment Emulsion.

Steps for using IVY FORMULA 30

Pre Treatment

IVY FORMULA 30 Main Treatment Emulsion

Daily Protection EX


Pre Treatment

Daily Protection EX



The portion for one use is one marking on the calibrated bottle. Dispense into hand gradually, and divide application to face into several times.
Do not use a cotton pad. Use palms to gently blend, covering the skin.


Dispense a two-pump portion into hand and mix the liquids with fingertips using a light, up and down patting motion.
When the solution becomes white, apply a small amount to the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Blend evenly over entire face.

*While using IVY FORMULA 30, it is unnecessary to use other skin care products except makeup remover and facial cleanser.